Petrovax Pharm launches inaugural nationwide TV media campaign for Longidaze®

Petrovax Pharm has launched a federal TV media campaign advertising Longidaze®, an innovative medication delivering sophisticated urological and gynecological benefits. The media campaign targets patients experiencing problems with prostatitis.

In November 2018, Longidaze® won out in the category of ‘Medication of Choice for the pathogenetic treatment of chronic prostatitis and relapse prevention’ at the Russian Pharma Awards. This award represents well-deserved recognition of the product’s efficacy as a chronic prostatitis treatment due to its unique formula, mechanism of action, and high quality. Petrovax Pharm continues to promote innovatative, highly effective medications for wide use.

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[2] Количество назначений препарата Лонгидаза® врачами (10 специальностей) за 2017 год. Данные Proxima Pharma_RX Test Russia

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