patents for molecules, inventions and manufacturing processes

Petrovax  concept is based on delivering original products. The company has an in-house R&D Center, and annually invests in R&D projects associated with new products.

The company holds more than 20 patents for molecules, inventions, and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

The R&D Department structure provides for managing the molecule inception and product lifecycle from the idea to implementation in medical practice. Ad hoc studies are conducted with participation of leading domestic and foreign research institutions.

Areas of business

Innovative search for promising candidate molecules with subsequent assessment of their safety and specific activity

Studying mechanisms of action of development products in disease process

Safety profile and efficacy assay of a pharmaceutical product-to-be in preclinical setting

Development of quality control methods, and manufacturing processes

Planning and conducting pivotal clinical studies

Implementation of technological processes; upgrading and optimization of current processes; and production scaling


A quadrivalent adjuvant influenza vaccine effectively protecting against four influenza virus strains, with maximum safety profile, will be available on the market in 2018.

In-house vivarium

Petrovax has an in-house vivarium for a wide range of preclinical efficacy and safety studies in mice, rats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Specific temperature, air humidity, and light conditions are maintained in the animal facility rooms, which provides for keeping SPF mice and rats as well as conventional rabbits and guinea pigs. Preclinical data from in-house studies make the foundation for marketing authorization applications for the products developed by Petrovax. The company’s R&D units have been issued ISO:9001 quality certificates. Contract research orders are welcome.

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