Participation in the Russian pharmaceutical industry development program

Petrovax cooperates with leading professional associations that contribute to the development of the national healthcare system. This cooperation strategy allows to form the most effective approaches to building a civilized pharmaceutical market, maintaining a productive dialog with the government, which promotes further industry development.

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Business and management ethics

Petrovax maintains high standards of the relationship culture both in-house and with partners. Thanks to a highly elaborate algorithm of communication, the Company has been maintaining its impeccable reputation for over 25 years and retaining its leadership position.

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“In Aid of Those in Need” Charity Program

Petrovax is involved in a wide range of social and charity programs. Since its foundation, the Company has been actively providing targeted aid for public associations, medical, educational institutions.

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Environmental protection

High manufacturing, quality, and safety standards are the basis for the successful activities of Petrovax. For over 25 years, the Company has been involved in the development and manufacture of efficacious and safe innovative drug products and vaccines for the benefit of human health and improvement of living standards.

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Education and awareness raising

One of the important components of Petrovax social program is the support of educational projects for the professional medical community, patients, and mass media in the relevant medical areas. Petrovax implements educational projects aimed at raising population awareness in the issues of science, biotechnology, and medicine, preventive vaccination as well as promoting national healthcare system development.

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HR training and development

Human resources are the Company’s most valuable asset. Petrovax team consists of more than 800 highly qualified employees. Most of them have a higher professional education, many gained valuable experience participating in international projects and having a unique opportunity to study foreign technologies. The Company’s team comprises highly qualified specialists including academicians, professors, doctors, and PhDs.

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