Headquarters Moscow

12 Presnenskaya embankment,
Federation Tower East, floor 38 (Moscow City)
Moscow 123112, Russia

By municipal transport

Federation Tower Vostok is located in close proximity to underground stations Mezhdunarodnaya (4-min walk), Vystavochnaya (6-min walk), and Delovoy Tsentr (7-min walk).

  1. From underground station Delovoy Tsentr
    Take the last car; after passing the ticket gates, take the up escalator on your right; after getting off the escalator, keep left and walk until you reach the entrance to the Federation complex on the first basement floor.
  2. From underground station Vystavochnaya
    Take the 1st car from the downtown; take the up escalator to the 1st floor of shopping and recreation center AFIMall; after getting off the escalator, keep left. Exit to town through the revolving doors and cross the street to get to the entrance to the 1st floor of the Federation complex.
  3. From underground station Mezhdunarodnaya
    Take the 1st car from the downtown, exit to town, cross the road (Testovskaya St.), then follow the direction signs to reach the entrance to the 1st floor of the Federation complex.

By car

From Testovskaya St., take car entrance # 5 to Moscow City underground parking; to pass the auto barrier, take a parking ticket.

Manufacturing and warehousing complex Moscow region

1 Sosnovaya St., Pokrov village , Podolsk,
Moscow region, Russian Federation 142143

By municipal transport

Metro station Yuzhnaya, the first car towards suburbs; while walking along the passage, first turn left, then right, and exit to intercity buses.

Buses or minibuses 413, 426, and 435; exit at stop "Selo (village) Pokrov".

Metro station Bul’var Dmitriya Donskogo, the last car towards suburbs, then turn left; after passing two glass doors turn left, and exit to minibus 868; get off at stop "Selo (village) Pokrov".

Then use the crosswalk to the opposite side of Simferopolskoe Highway, and go to the facility (blue-and-white building) across the aftermarket KEMP (approx. a 10-minute walk from the minibus stop).

From the city of Podolsk: bus 1052 from the railway station to stop "Selo (village) Pokrov".

From the town of Klimovsk, and railway station Vesennyaya: buses 426 and 432 to stop "Selo (village) Pokrov".

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