Pharmaceutical company Petrovax is responsible for the quality of its products. The health of our patients is our priority. We are constantly collecting and analyzing information on the safety and efficacy of our products.

Our purpose is to create safe, effective medicines for everyone. Please report to us if you experience an adverse event while using one of our products, as well as cases of ineffectiveness, drug interactions, use during pregnancy and lactation, effects on the fetus, misuse, overdose, off-label use, new therapeutic effects. This helps us track the safety of our medicines accurately.


Please provide your contact details so that a safety and pharmacovigilance officer can contact you to clarify missing information and analyse the event as fully as possible. You can also complete the "Notification of adverse event" directly on the site.

We assure you that all the information that you disclose, including personal data, will be held strictly confidential in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the company's procedures. Only authorized company staff and Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) staff have access to the information received.

DOCTOR or other person reporting about ADR (Adverse drug reaction)

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Medicinal product (MP), presumably causing ADR

Other therapeutic products taken within the last 3 months, including self-treatment (by the patient's decision)

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You can report all adverse reactions for veterinary medicinal products to the manufacturer:

  • by filling out the attached form about the adverse event on the website
  • by sending information to e-mail:
  • by calling the toll-free 24-hour phone number: 8-800-777-8-604
  • by sending a message via WhatsApp or Viber to the number: +7-903-799-2-186
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