Russian-Belorussian flu vaccine registered by MoH, and may be widely used in 2016

The Russian-Belorussian flu vaccine is likely to be widely used for vaccination in 2016, said Vladimir Pashkovich, Head of Epidemiology Department of the Republican Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health (RCHEPH), speaking at a recent press conference in Minsk.

"The entire system of getting ready for the upcoming epidemiological season has been worked out. Plans are being drafted, and relevant medications are being procured. Recently, the MoH Medicines Commission registered a local vaccine manufactured in Russia. I assume that it will be manufactured at Belmedpreparaty facility, and we will use the local vaccine in the epidemiological season," informed v. Pashkovich.

Earlier, it was reported that Belmedpreparaty jointly with Petrovax Pharm (Russia) were working on a flu vaccine production project. The vaccine was to be manufactured in ampoules, vials as well as prefilled syringes. The raw materials were to be supplied by the Russian manufacturer.

"This state- of-the-art vaccine produced by Russian Petrovax is a subunit product used in this country last year, too; it is also widely used in Russia", remarked v. Pashkovich. He went on to say that the population flu vaccination coverage would be supposedly the same as the year before.

"As in the past years, we recommend vaccinating at least 40% of the population. But primarily we aim at immunizing patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, upper respiratory tract problems, and some other disorders, i.e. those with a risk of complications. At least 75% of these contingents must be vaccinated," emphasized the RCHEPH official.

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