Doctors on child and adult sinusitis treatment methods

In Russia, around 10 million people have rhinosinusitis annually, with 15–36% of such cases requiring inpatient care. The 7th All-Russian Oto-rhino-laryngology Forum speakers told how to boost the immune system and facilitate recovery.

Experts said that inflammation caused by sinusitis leads to such unpleasant consequences as swollen mucosa, poor airway clearance of pathogens, and mucus hyperproduction. The disease can develop due to various factors, such as allergies, infections or bacteria and can be either acute or chronic.

Yevgeny Nosulya, Dr. habil. med., Prof., shared his experience in using Demefecil®, a combination of an antiallergic component (Dimetindene) and a mild vasoconstrictor (Phenylephrine) for comprehensive rhinitis treatment:

“Demefecil® acts both as an antiallergic and antiedemic vasoconstrictor. It doubles nasal patency in case of infectious and allergic rhinitis in children.”

According to the doctor, if combined with Polyoxidonium®, Demefeci®l can have a prolonged effect thanks to Polyoxidonium® cutting twice the likelihood of ARVI relapsing within six months after the treatment.

Yevgeny Nosulya also quotes research data regarding Polyoxidonium® use for chronic rhinosinusitis treatment in patients aged 20 to 65:

“We have noted a significantly faster resolution of sinusitis symptoms, such as difficult nasal breathing, headache, and nasal discharge in response to Polyoxidonium®.”

After 10 days of research, rhinoscopy showed a complete recovery of nasal mucosa, as well as the disappearance of swelling, hyperemia, and nasal discharge in the group of patients who received Polyoxidonium®. In the control group, 10% of patients continued having discomfort in the infected sinus and X-ray showed persistent shadows in infected sinuses.

Olga Karneeva, Dr. habil. med., Prof., quoted research data of Polyoxidonium® use in patients aged 21 to 54 with compensated chronic tonsillitis. Results suggest that indicators of those who took the medicine, normalized. Besides, it boosted defense mechanisms in their respiratory tract and shortened symptom expression time.

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