To the Aid of Moscow Region Doctors

Petrovax donates yet another batch of medications to hospitals and a maternity house in Podolsk

In March, Petrovax donated medicinal products to Podolsk medical institutions as a part of the outreach initiative. More than 800 packages of the Polyoxidonium® immunomodulator and the Vitaferr® complex for the prevention of iron deficiency in women were contributed to the Podolsk Regional Clinical Hospital, the Children's City Hospital, and the Podolsk Maternity Home.

The event held on March 31 was attended by Nikolai Pestov, Chairman of the Board of Deputies of the Town District of Podolsk, Ivan Shlyakhtin, Deputy Head of Administration of Podolsk of the Development of Production and Entrepreneurship, Vardan Gevorkian, Chief Doctor of the Regional Clinical Hospital, Manuel Megerian, Chief Doctor of the Children's Hospital, Alexander Skobennikov, Chief Doctor of the Maternity Home, and Larisa Dukhina, Director of the Petrovax Production Complex.

Located in Podolsk city, near Moscow, Petrovax high-tech production complex has been a devoted benefactor of various charitable and social initiatives in the region. Cooperation is one of the company's main corporate values. Petrovax prioritizes the projects that bring people joy, prosperity, and health.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Petrovax has donated more than 2,000 packages of Polyoxidonium® to Podolsk to help protect the medical personnel working in the red zones." In 2020 a new building the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the Podolsk City

Hospital was opened with the company's support: 20 workplaces were geared with cutting-edge IT equipment.

“Over the many years of friendship and partnership, our initiatives for the medical institutions of Podolsk have become a crucial part not only of corporate culture but our life; we take great pleasure in upholding this socially significant cause,” explains Larisa Dukhina, director of the Petrovax Production Complex. “We actively supported hospitals in the city during the pandemic — and we are always ready to come to their aid.”

Petrovax is expanding the social project aimed at helping hospital doctors in “red zones” into all regions of Russia. More than 200,000 packs of Polyoxidonium® have already been delivered to 157 medical centers across the country for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Developing the social part of business processes is one of the company's priorities.

“The pandemic has boosted the advancement of charity substantially. Many companies are strengthening their social agenda, expanding targeted assistance programs, and approaching CSR development with more responsibility. Not to mention that it's quite encouraging to see these business initiatives expand from one-time to regular. We remain in constant contact with the companies in Podolsk, helping our medical and social institutions and veterans' organizations. And we are deeply grateful to them.”
– says Ivan Shlyakhtin, Deputy Head of the Administration for the Development of Production and Entrepreneurship of Podolsk.

Aleksandr Yuryevich Skobennikov, Chief Physician of the Podolsk Maternity Home, emphasized that during the pandemic, Petrovax donated medicinal products to prevent the disease in hospital employees to the medical institutions of Podolsk. And now, Petrovax once again steps forward, providing vital philanthropic assistance in times of economic crisis.

The medical institutions of Podolsk greatly appreciate the help of the Petrovax team, noting the significance of the donated drugs. According to Manuel Maksimovich Megerian, Chief Physician of the Podolsk City Children's Hospital, the treatment of young patients has been greatly facilitated by virtue of Polyoxidonium®, a medicinal product actively used in pediatrics to treat and prevent viral diseases.

“During the pandemic, patronage of healthcare facilities became a common form of social support. Various forms of assistance are offered to medical workers, patients, and hospitals, gearing the latter with technical equipment. The key feature of Petrovax is that the company does not wait for medical institutions to ask for aid. It is ahead of requests, providing us with the needed products. This is especially valuable now, with the pandemic on the wane, when many people forget that hospitals still require support,”
– says Vardan Gevorkian, chief physician at the Regional Clinical Hospital of Podolsk.

Petrovax, in turn, promises to continue assisting medical personnel not only in Podolsk but throughout Russia

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