Study results on the use of Polyoxidonium in severe COVID Patients

New cases of COVID-19 are being recorded around the world every day. Experts are talking about the beginning of the Coronavirus sixth wave this fall. The severe disease course in some cases leads to the development of acute respiratory syndrome and death.

The latest issue of Therapy, the peer-reviewed journal, includes article by Sergey Zyryanov, professor, doctor of medical science, dedicated to the study of Azoximer bromide inclusion (Polyoxidonium®) in the management regimen of severe COVID-19 pneumonia patients with bilateral polysegmental viral lung disease.

The study was conducted among patients undergoing standard treatment in intensive care unit. The average age of patients in the control group was 70 years old, the study group - 66 years old.

With the addition of Polyoxidonium to the treatment regimen, an increase in patient survival was noted (50% of survivors versus 35% in control group), a reduction in episodes of sepsis development (25% versus 65% in control group), the absence of septic shock and a lower need for mechanical ventilation in patients (58.3% versus 90% in control group).

The Therapy journal is the official journal of the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine (RSMSIM), included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission of Russia.


Polyoxidonium® is an original Russian medicine that is widely used in clinical practice in Russia and abroad for more than 25 years. It is used in complex therapy in adults and children for the treatment and prevention of respiratory infections, helps to reduce the disease severity, reduce excessive inflammation and strengthen the immune system. The medicine efficacy and safety has been shown in a large number of studies in various fields, including double-blind placebo-controlled ones. This is the first and only Russian immunocorrection medicine that has successfully passed the international PASS study in the EU. Polyoxidonium® is successfully used by "red zone" doctors in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Previously, a number of Russian and foreign scientific periodicals have already published data on the positive preventive and therapeutic effect of the Polyoxidonium® in case of COVID infection.

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