HR Director of Petrovax Talks about the Priorities of Creating Safe Environment during COVID-19

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On 14 July, Natalia Berezhnaya, HR Director at Petrovax, contributed to the forum on Protecting the Health of the Working Population during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The event was part of the Russian Business Week organised by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) in honour of its 30th anniversary. It was also included in the congress programme of the National Forum Health of the Nation – Basis of Russia’s Prosperity.

Other forum participants included RSPP spokespeople, officials from the Russian Ministries of Health and of Labour and Social Protection, delegates from the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor), and representatives of the top Russian companies. The discussion was moderated by Victor Mikhailovich Cherepov, RSPP Executive Vice President for Social Policy and Labour Relations, Chairman of the RSPP Commission on Healthcare, and President of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry Investors' Club.

The forum's participants discussed a comprehensive range of issues relevant to corporate programmes for bolstering employee health and organising operations under lockdown (including working from home), along with many other urgent topics.

Natalia Berezhnaya's presentation in particular focused on creating safe corporate environment. This aspect remains one of the company's priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“From the first days of the pandemic, it was very important for us to not just ensure the safety of our employees, but also keep our company running smoothly, since Petrovax is a continuous production enterprise. Over the course of 2020, we expanded our pharmaceutical production, launched our third production line at full capacity, increased the drug product output and hired more staff. With the pandemic going on, we found it very important to maintain our capacity for making the most vital drug products, including the Polyoxidonium® immunomodulator and vaccines for influenza and pneumococcal infections. While the pandemic did pose a certain challenge, we overcame it and became all the stronger for it,”
Natalia noted in her presentation.

Aside from standard solutions like introducing flexible work formats and providing all employees with personal protection accessories, the company also deployed additional personnel support measures: regular PCR tests, including tests for antibodies, additional aid for sick employees and more frequent bus transfer services for employees commuting to work.

Natalia highlighted how important it is to ensure that the workplace environment is efficient and the communications are transparent, allowing for time-intensive decision-making and prompt responses to new business opportunities. In order to integrate the entire team into a single information space, the company is actively supporting all communication channels and using corporate messengers like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Routine processes become automated, while manual tasks are optimized, making it possible for the employees to focus their attention on more interesting work.

“Petrovax is developing rapidly; the staff size has expanded by 47%. Since the company has ambitions plans to expand its product portfolio, which include building an all-new manufacturing site, the employees need to remain as efficient as possible, which, of course, implies being healthy,”
HR Director explained.

During the Health of the Nation – Basis of Russia’s Prosperity forum, Petrovax also contributed to the collective exhibition by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The Petrovax booth showcased a portfolio of proprietary drug products, along with medicinal products and vaccines co-produced by Petrovax and its international partners. Today, the company's products find uses in a variety of medical fields, such as infectious diseases, vaccinal prevention, immunology, therapeutics, pediatrics, urology, gynecology and reproductive health.


The National Forum Health of the Nation – Basis of Russia’s Prosperity is an annual event hosted by the All-Russian public organisation the Nation’s Health League and the Russian Ministry of Health. It is dedicated to safeguarding the health of Russian citizens, promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing technology for safeguarding health.

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