The online conference brought together representatives of the largest pharmaceutical companies, industry associations and analytical agencies. The goal was to discuss trends in pharmaceutical market development in the conditions of pandemic, issues of legal regulation and financial risks for business, as well as represent the best practices from leading experts in the realities of 2020.

“Several years ago, we came to a decision to transfer all Master data and services to the high performance cluster in Level Tier 3 DPC. This provided 24/7 remote access to services. And when lockdown has been announced this spring, we were convinced of the correctness of this approach. Decision to switch to a remote working regimen was made within one day. And the very next day employees started their work from home”.
Artem Levankov about the experience of Petrovax and practical application of digital tools in the work of CFO

Petrovax Vice President on Economics and Finance talked more specifically about the operation of three main systems that provide the infrastructure activity: 1С, IBM Planning Analytics and Microsoft Power BI. In particular, Artem Levankov spoke about the advanced model of tertiary sales analysis, which allows obtaining data on market sales and demand behavior of ultimate customers even on the 8th day after the end of the period.

Another important challenge that all large companies faced in 2020 is the organization of internal communications. Petrovax team uses all possibilities of Slack service, and thus all communications within the team went online loss free. The next step to take team cooperation to the next level is to move to Microsoft Teams next year. This decision joins together all services, so it will increase communication efficiency and speed of management decision making. As a result, this approach will help the company gain another competitive benefit.

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