Russian Petrovax ramps up pharmaceutical production driven by COVID-19 pandemic

In April, biopharmaceutical company Petrovax that is among the TOP5 immunobiological manufacturers in Russia was issued approvals to boost production of medicinal products due to prompt decisions made by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Health (MoH).

On the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, Petrovax is significantly ramping up production of its branded product Polyoxidonium® for the treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI).

“Amid the pandemic, we strive to keep up with the massively increased demand for our products and prevent their shortages at pharmacies. We have transferred our manufacturing facilities to a 24/7 operating mode and are working to urgently boost our production capacities.

The regulatory decision-making time is of utmost importance for us. The Department for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Development under the Ministry of Industry and Trade has organized effective mobile interactions with all pharma market players. They have given a lot of support to the sector. We thank our colleagues for their assistance in getting the regulatory approvals as soon as possible”.
Petrovax President Mikhail Tsyferov

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Polyoxidonium® (INN: Azoximer bromide) production is especially important for the company. The product has been included into the Temporary Guidelines for ARVI treatment during COVID-19 epidemic. In April, Petrovax was issued a MoH’s approval for international multicenter clinical trials to study Polyoxidonium® efficacy and safety in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The international portion of the trials is to start soon.

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Polyoxidonium (INN: Azoximer bromide) has been included into Temporary Guidelines for ARVI during COVID-19 pandemic