Polyoxidonium (INN: Azoximer bromide) has been included into Temporary Guidelines for ARVI during COVID-19 pandemic

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has published version 2 of the Temporary Guidelines “Pharmacotherapy of acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) in the outpatient clinic setting during COVID-19 epidemics”. The guidelines were developed by a team of leading Russian scientists and clinicians.

“The guidelines have been updated and revised to include the latest clinical data generated both in Russia and abroad. The prevention and treatment regimens and medicinal product combinations have been updated, too.

The guidelines target outpatient clinic professionals and serve to provide essential information for prompt initiation of outpatient treatment of subjects presenting with ARVI symptoms without waiting for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic results. It is the early start of treatment that has clinically proven to provide for a milder and shorter disease course in COVID-19 patients.

The guidelines for pharmacotherapy of ARVI have been posted on Russia’s Ministry of Health website and have been forwarded to the constituent regions of the Russian Federation to raise awareness of polyclinic physicians delivering medical care to patients with ARVI signs.”

Source: https://www.rosminzdrav.ru/news/2020/04/17/13756-opublikovana-vtoraya-versiya-metodicheskih-rekomendatsiya-po-ambulatornomu-lecheniyu-orvi-v-period-rasprostraneniya-koronavirusnoy-infektsii

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