NPO Petrovax Pharm launches Velson® for sleep normalization and regulation of human biorhythms

A nice day starts with a good sleep...


In this July, NPO Petrovax Pharm’s product portfolio widened due to Velson® (INN: melatonin). This medication is indicated for a variety of sleep disorders including those associated with biorhythm disturbances.

Velson® is similar to endogenous melatonin in arranging circadian rhythms (biorhythms). The product regulates the sleep-wake cycles, provides for quicker falling asleep, improves sleep quality, promotes jet lag and weather changes adaption in meteopathic individuals. Velson® is good for the emotional personality sphere (mood) and intellectual and mnestic functions of the brain (intelligence, memory).

The product does not accumulate in the body even if taken for a long time. The medication is manufactured in compliance with the applicable GMP standards as tablets 3 mg. It contains an active substance supplied from Europe (Italy).

In July, NPO Petrovax Pharm started supplying Velson® throughout Russia; the company plans exporting it to the neighboring countries.


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Sleep disorders are often due to biorhythm disturbances that may be associated with jet lag, disturbances in good sleep habits (“sleep hygiene”) such as working in shifts, working overtime, and night shifts, using gadgets and TV at night (blue screen glow in darkness) . Melatonin is a biologically active compound produced by pineal gland cells of the brain. The main function of melatonin is providing for regulation of sleep duration. The normal melatonin levels are low in daytime and begin to increase at night before a person goes to sleep. The bright light can block the night production of melatonin and disturb the normal biorhythms . Taking melatonin provides for feeling calm and decreases anxiety; the medication provides for regulating biorhythms and normalizes the night sleep.

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