Petrovax Pharm President Elena Arkhangelskaya is among TOP5 most influential pharma executives

Pharmatsevtichesky Vestnik Weekly published the 2017 Rating of the Most Influential Subjects of the Russian Pharma Market, an annual analytical paper this time prepared by Battersea Marketing with assistance of KPMG.

As of 2017, Petrovax Pharm President Elena Arkhangelskaya ranks five in the category ‘The most influential entrepreneurs/CEOs’ having made her way up from rank 55 in 2016.

This rating is based on research that involved input from 525 experts in 33 cities of all Russia’s federal districts. The experts represented pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, retailers, public officers, and scientists.

Elena Arkhangelskaya has been working with the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years; since 2015, she has been Petrovax Pharm President. As of 2017, the company’s revenue exceeded 9.6B RUB. Significant growth is observed in exports (more than 40%) and commercial sales in Russia (more than 27%). Over the three years that Elena Arkhangelskaya has been in office, an average annual revenue growth was 155%; net profits went up by 34%; commercial sales in Russia grew by 60%; and exports grew by 65%.

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