WHO included a new Longidaze® INN into its register

The WHO approved bovhyaluronidase azoximer as the INN for Longidaze® developed by Petrovax Pharm1. An official entry of the new INN into the WHO register is a recognition of the product’s innovative properties at the international level.

Longidaze® is an original pharmaceutical product developed by Petrovax Pharm’s scientific team; it is manufactured to the GMP standards at the company’s state- of-the-art facility.

In Russia and the CIS member states, this product has been widely used since 2005 for prevention and combined therapy of connective tissue hyperplasia (adhesion, granulomatous, scarring, or fibrous processes). Longidaze® is essential in treatment of pelvic inflammatory diseases, peritoneal adhesions, infertility caused by tubal obstruction, prostatitis, interstitial cystitis, scar conditions of the skin, and scleroderma.

«We are proud that the results of  many-year preclinical and clinical studies as well as those of Longidaze® practical use have been recognized worldwide. Assignment of an INN to such complex molecule opens wider prospects for this product medical application," noted Petrovax Pharm Deputy Chairman of the Board Natalia Puchkova. «It can be said with confidence that to-date , Longidaze® is the best-studied and most widely recognized local treatment for connective tissue hyperplasia."

Background information

NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC is a Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines. The company’s key focus areas are manufacturing of influenza and pneumococcal vaccines for the National Immunization Schedule as well as the development and production of immunobiological products.

Petrovax Pharm’s manufacturing facility located in Moscow region has been certified for compliance with the Russian and international GMP standards as well as ISO:9001.

Petrovax Pharm has more than 600 employees. This is an Interros Group company, with the facility’s controlling interest owned by Vladimir Potanin’s company. Mr. Potanin is Interros Group founder and owner.

http://www.who.int/medicines/publications/druginformation/issues/ DrugInformation2015_Vol29-3 /en/

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