MEDSI healthcare personnel to be immunised with locally produced anti-flu vaccine Grippol Plus

NPO Petrovax Pharm and MEDSI, a healthcare clinic network, have signed an agreement on free of charge vaccination of MEDSI healthcare personnel with the Grippol Plus anti-flu vaccine. This agreement paves the way for a long-term collaboration between the domestic producer and the national healthcare clinic network in preventive vaccination.

The vaccination is taking place in the first half of November, to prevent flu and cold-related diseases during the fall and winter season.

Elena Arkhangelskaya, President of NPO Petrovax Pharm, said: "Knowing the importance of anti-flu immunisation, we dedicate most of our time to educational projects on promotion of preventive vaccination among the general public and healthcare professionals. We are happy to be a partner with MEDSI and to ensure that their staff are vaccinated with Grippol Plus, the best anti-flu vaccine produced locally in compliance with GMP standards. We anticipate that this project will serve as a platform for building solid trust in locally produced vaccines while boosting awareness and increasing social responsibility of healthcare professionals as regards flu-preventive vaccination."

Tatyana Semenycheva, Chief Physician of MEDSI children's clinic in Blagoveshchensky Pereulok, allergist-immunologist, and PhD in Medicine, said: "MEDSI places a key emphasis on vaccination of its personnel and considers further progress in this field a priority. The importance of the matter is undeniable. Not only will this vaccination protect our staff from the flu, but also it will prevent the spread of infection onto our patients. We see this as a good starting point for a long-term partnership with Petrovax Pharm resulting in improved health of the staff and patients and a contribution to promoting anti-flu immunisation with locally produced vaccines.

Over the past few years the anti-flu immunisation coverage in Russia has increased by 1.6 times, with 29.6% of the population vaccinated in the 2014–2015 epidemic season. However, a review of the statistics shows that the rate of immunisation coverage among healthcare professionals in Russia is really low. According to a number of studies, healthcare professionals are 3 times more likely to catch the flu than anybody else. For comparison, the immunisation coverage among healthcare professionals in the US over the 2014–2015 epidemic season reached 77.3%, with the target level of 90%."

About Grippol® Plus

Grippol® Plus is a Russian latest-generation adjuvanted subunit preservative-free influenza vaccine used for flu prevention in adults and children, including babies starting from 6 months of age, pregnant women, seniors, and people with chronic somatic diseases. The composition of the vaccine for use in the upcoming influenza season is changed annually as per WHO recommendations. It is made at a modern production facility in compliance with Russian and international GMP standards.

About NPO Petrovax Pharm

NPO Petrovax Pharm is a Russian pharmaceutical company that develops and produces innovative medicines and vaccines. The main activities of the company include: the production of influenza and pneumococcal vaccines for the National Immunisation Schedule, development and production of immunobiological medicines. The company operates in the Moscow Region in full compliance with international standards of GMP EU and ISO 9001 and employs over 600 people. NPO Petrovax Pharm's majority shareholder is a company of Vladimir Potanin, owner and founder of Interros Group.

About MEDSI Healthcare Clinic Network

CJSC MEDSI Group of Companies is Russia's leading national network of healthcare facilities providing a full scope of primary care services for children and adults.

MEDSI operates 14 clinics in Moscow and the Moscow Region, 2 clinical and diagnostic centres, 2 clinical hospitals, 7 clinics and 55 medical posts throughout the country, 3 wellness and aftercare centres, and 3 sanatoriums as well as the Department of Family Medicine and the Ambulance Service. 

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