First batches of Grippol Plus flu vaccine shipped across Russia

g+sp-npo-box1-12s.jpgNPO Petrovax Pharm has started supplying the Grippol® Plus vaccine for anti-flu immunisation of children and pregnant women over the 2015–2016 epidemic season as part of the National Immunisation Schedule. By mid-October 2015, the entire volume of above 13.8 m doses will be delivered across all Russian regions.

This year, the Company started to supply its vaccine in July for early flu prevention having already shipped over 900 thousand of vaccine doses.  Petrovax Pharm is the largest Russian producer of vaccines for the National Immunisation Schedule covering 35% of the national demand for anti-flu vaccines in 2014 under this scheme.

WHO forecasts a significant rise in incidence of flu in the upcoming 2015–2016 influenza season due to two new circulating strains (A/Switzerland/9715293/2013 (H3N2)-like virus and B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus), which highlights the importance of the early immunisation principles advocated by the Russian Health Ministry and requires mass immunisation over the season to come.

About the vaccine

Grippol® Plus is a Russian latest-generation adjuvanted subunit preservative-free inactivated influenza vaccine of proven high performance and excellent acceptability. This predetermines its extensive use by adults and children, including infants of 6 months and older, pregnant women, people with chronic somatic diseases, including cardiovascular pathology, allergic disorders and immunodeficiency of various origins. The composition of the vaccine for use in the upcoming influenza season is changed annually as per WHO recommendations. The vaccine is produced in single-dose syringes at a modern production facility in compliance with Russian and international GMP standards.

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