Roszdravnadzor confirmed high quality of Grippol® plus vaccine

Petrovax Pharm informs that an official assessment confirmed that Grippol® plus vaccine, batch No. 120814, fully complied with the quality requirements (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development (Roszdravnadzor) letter No. 01i-1990/14 of 12.12.2014.)

Thus, Roszdravnadzor’s independent assessment and the internal investigation by Petrovax Pharm, the vaccine manufacturer, confirmed a high quality of Grippol® plus flu vaccine and the absence of causality between with vaccination and the adverse reactions in the technical college students in the Chuvash Republic.

Overall, more than 13.5 m Grippol® plus doses were successfully used in Russia in epidemiological season 2014–2015 within the framework of the National Immunization Schedule to vaccinate children and pregnant women.

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