Petrovax Pharm co-founded a scientific and educational center

On November17, within the framework of the forum «Life Science Invest», Petrovax Pharm, St. Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy, and Research Institute for Influenza signed an agreement on establishing a scientific and educational center (SEC) to train highly skilled personnel for local pharmaceutical facilities.

The above partners will joint efforts for conducting innovative research aimed at the development, manufacture, and circulation of immunobiological products.

The SEC main objectives are organizing international scientific and educational exchange, involving talented young people in R&D, having them stay in the scientific sphere, and creating jobs for the young cadre trained at the SEC.

«The Russian immunobiological industry is strategically significant, and directly affects the national security. Therefore, it is essential to focus on its development starting from personnel education and training. Our company has a huge experience in immunobiological development and production — from creating unique molecules to manufacturing finished pharmaceutical products. That is why setting up a pharmaceutical manufacturing training center based on Petrovax Pharm is a sound platform for the development of effective partnership that will facilitate the execution of immunobiology specialist training programs as well as dissemination of advanced local and foreign expertise in high-tech pharma production," noted Petrovax Pharm Deputy CEO Leon Cohan.

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