Polyoxidonium® by NPO Petrovax Pharm is now available in a new package

As of February 2012, NPO Petrovax Pharm is to start manufacturing Polyoxidonium® in a new package. 6 and 12 mg Polyoxidonium® suppositories are to be the first on sale.

Polyoxidonium® (Azoximer Bromide) is an effective and safe drug with a combination of pharmacological properties, acting as an immunomodulator, detoxifier and antioxidant. The medicine reaches the entire immune system, making it highly efficient at treating diseases of any origin, whether viral, fungal, or bacterial. The medicine is prescribed for comprehensive treatment of both chronic and acute diseases as well as mono-therapy in preventing influenza and acute respiratory viral infection, including among sick children.

When repackaging, the company wanted to offer an attractive design matching the image of a cutting-edge, high quality, innovative drug while delivering the key messages of the product in a simple way. In addition, the new design reflects the original idea of Polyoxidonium® – reproducing the patent of nature.

The colour scheme of the Polyoxidonium® brand was made to reflect the respective form and dosage: ranging from shades of green for tablets through to pink and violet for suppositories and blue for injections.

Polyoxidonium®, available since 1996, is manufactured by NPO Petrovax Pharm at its state-of-the-art production facility in compliance with international GMP standards, a benchmark for product quality and safety. 

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