Pfizer and NPO Petrovax Pharm's vaccine localisation project picks up the russian Platinum Ounce contest award

The Russian Platinum Ounce Open Contest is held annually to recognise the best pharma market players. The winners of the Project of the Year nomination are decided through the number of votes cast by the advisory council members who carefully consider performance, innovative focus, social and industrial value, scale and effectiveness. The prestigious Platinum Ounce award, presented for Pfizer and NPO Petrovax Pharm's innovative vaccine production, underlines the value of its scope and complexity as well as the scale of its impact on Russian healthcare modernisation.

Producing 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines is a complex technological manufacturing process, requiring considerable investment, cutting-edge equipment and highly-qualified staff. Manufacturing innovative vaccines locally will help enhance preventive vaccination against dangerous diseases for Russians. The joint project of Pfizer and NPO Petrovax Pharm, launched in March 2011, meets the goals and objectives set by the Strategy for Development of the Russian Pharmaceutical Industry up to 2020 and represents a substantial contribution from the partners towards Russian healthcare modernisation.

This project is part of More than, Pfizer’s investment strategy in Russia. More than includes three core elements: manufacturing, education and research, each implemented in partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions and R&D institutions.

Leon Kogan, Senior Director PGM at Pfizer, said: “We are proud that the pharmaceutical community appreciate Pfizer and NPO Petrovax Pharm's joint project. This project represents an opportunity for Pfizer to share its best practices, know-how and expertise, an opportunity to make innovative drugs more easily accessible to Russian citizens, and to make a genuine contribution to increasing quality and length of lives for Russians. We are happy that we found such a like-minded and reliable partner as NPO Petrovax Pharm and we are sure that this is only the first of many more successful projects together.”

Andrey Kalashnikov, Strategic Development Director at NPO Petrovax Pharm, noted: “It is a great honour to win the most reputable pharmaceutical award. We are veryhappy that the professional community recognise our achievements. Our joint project with Pfizer for innovative pneumococcal vaccine production is, in fact, a unique example of cooperation with the largest global pharmaceutical company in the Russian market. We are proud that NPO Petrovax Pharm is a Russian pioneer in implementing a high-tech full-cycle manufacturing localisation project. Projects of this kind are vital for our country: this cooperation will enhance our capacity to produce preventive vaccines to combat potentially lethal diseases among infants as well as contribute to developing the Russian pharma industry as a whole. We thank all those who arranged the Platinum Once Contest, voted, and showed their appreciationfor our work.”

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