Polyoxidonium® — now for veterinary use

Petrovax Group registers the Polyoxidonium®-vet solution.

Petrovax Group, a Russian-based developer and manufacturer of innovative medicines and vaccines, has registered Polyoxidonium®-vet solution (Registration Certificate 32-3-8.0-0058 No. PVR-3-8.0/02643) for veterinary use.

The equivalent of the well-known Polyoxidonium® will be rolled out for the veterinary market in March this year.

Polyoxidonium®-vet will expand the company’s product portfolio which previously exclusively featured unique drugs for major human diseases.

Now that veterinarians have access to the comprehensive medicine Polyoxidonium®-vet solution, the health of our pets too can be well protected.

What are its key advantages?

  • A unique combination of pharmacological properties (immunomodulatory, detoxicant, antioxidant) ensuring a comprehensive impact on the patient
  • Unlike other immunomodulators, Polyoxidonium®-vet not only restores immunity, but also quickly and effectively clears the system of the infectious agent and its toxins, alleviating the disease symptoms and precipitating a faster recovery
  • Effectively treats viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases
  • Low-hazard substance (Class 4 hazard under GOST 12.1.007-76)
  • Highly-tolerable for animals of any species and age
  • Can be combined with antibiotics, antiviral, antifungal and antihistamine drugs, glucocorticosteroids, cytostatics, and sulfanilamides.

The unique combination of immunomodulating, detoxicant, and antioxidant properties makes Polyoxidonium®-vet solution your medicine of choice for:

  • treating acute and chronic bacterial, viral, or fungal infectious diseases
  • quick alleviation of intoxication symptoms in cases of poisoning, acute allergic and toxic allergic reactions
  • mitigating the nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic effects of chemotherapy and drugs
  • decreasing the incidence of infectious complications
  • preventing post-surgery complications
  • palliative treatment of oncological and chronic sufferers or ageing animals
  • enhancing the resistance to adverse environmental factors (weaning, regrouping, transportation, dietary changes)

Polyoxidonium®-vet is manufactured in the form of a sterile solution, in ampoules No 5 of two dosages: 3 mg and 6 mg.

The product is available through the veterinary drugs subdivision of VETMARKET, tel.: +7 495 777 60 82.

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