Petrovax Group registers Polyoxidonium® price

Petrovax Group registered maximum selling prices for all dosage forms of VED-listed Polyoxidonium®.

Petrovax Group is a Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Its product portfolio includes Polyoxidonium, Longidaze, and a family of Grippol flu vaccines. Polyoxidonium® is a combined immunomodulator on the Vital and Essential Drug (VED) list (pursuant to the Russian Government Resolution No. 376-r of 29.03.2007).

Petrovax Group has manufactured this medicinal product since 1996 at their own sites in Moscow city and Moscow region.

On March 22nd, the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development registered maximum selling prices for all Polyoxidonium® dosage forms (tablets, suppositories, and lyophilizate for solution) (pursuant to the Government Order «On state registration of maximum selling prices of VED manufacturers» of 22.03.2010). The state regulation of prices for VED-listed products is written into the new bill «On drug circulation». A relevant law is to come into force on September 1st.

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