Petrovax Group completed supplying A/H1N1 vaccines under first state contract

Petrovax Group, a Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines, reports on execution of its commitments under the first state contract for supply of MonoGrippol plus and MonoGrippol Neo vaccines to immunize school-age children against flu virus A/H1N1. The supply timeframe and amount fully conform to the terms and conditions of the state order.

MonoGrippol plus and MonoGrippol Neo were supplied since the end of November to December 2009. In accordance with the schedule approved by the state contract, the vaccines were shipped to Moscow city, Moscow and Rostov regions, Krasnodar territory, Northwestern and Volga federal districts. Over the above period, 3.8 m vaccine doses were supplied.

Given the challenging epidemiologic situation in the flu season 2009–2010, Petrovax Group developed and manufactured efficacious and safe monovalent A/H1N1 vaccines, namely MonoGrippol plus and MonoGrippol Neo. MonoGrippol plus is a monovalent analogue of Grippol plus vaccine used within the framework of the National Project "Zdorovye" (Health) to immunize children against seasonal influenza. MonoGrippol plus is intended for immunization against the "swine" flu; it is developed and produced based on an egg antigen production technology.

MonoGrippol Neo is a monovalent analogue of Grippol Neo seasonal vaccine fully compliant with all WHO requirements. The vaccine is developed based on an innovative cell antigen production technology, which provides for assigning it in subjects with egg white allergy.

Inactivated subunit adjuvanted vaccines MonoGrippol plus and MonoGrippol Neo contain water soluble immunoadjuvant Polyoxidonium and a virus antigen dose reduced threefold. The vaccines are manufactured preservative-free in disposable single-dose syringes at Petrovax Group’s facility in Podolsk district of Moscow region to the international GMP standards.

From January 2010, Petrovax Group is to start execution of the second state contract for supplying MonoGrippol plus and MonoGrippol Neo to immunize preschool and school children as well as the most vulnerable adult population groups. The company will produce and supply more than 12 m vaccine doses to all 83 Russian Federal subjects.

"As a local innovative company, we developed MonoGrippol Neo and MonoGrippol plus "swine" flu vaccines. They have successfully passed preclinical and clinical trials and have been registered by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development. Pursuant to the Patient Information Leaflets approved by the Chief Public Health Physician of the Russian Federation, MonoGrippol Neo and MonoGrippol plus are indicated for specific pandemic influenza prevention in children aged 3+ years, adolescents, and adults without age limitations. We are sure that our vaccines will be able to guarantee protection of the most vulnerable population groups in this country just when required by the situation," noted Petrovax Group Director General Arkady v. Nekrasov.

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