Petrovax Group joins ARPM

Petrovax Group joined the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (ARPM). A relevant decision was made at the general meeting of ARPM members on August 27th.

"The ARPM general meeting supported Petrovax Group’s membership application. We are happy to see this company among leading Russian pharmaceutical companies," commented ARPM Director General Victor Dmitriev. "Undoubtedly, the future of the Russian pharmaceutical industry lies with such companies as Petrovax. By being engaged in R&D, manufacturing innovative medicinal products in-demand market segments, providing for pharmaceutical production to advanced GMP standards, such companies confirm the high potential of the Russian pharma."

The company’s strategy consists in developing and manufacturing innovative products only. Petrovax Group successfully develops and manufactures immunomodulators, immunomodulator-based vaccines, and other immunobiologicals. It is the developer of and patent holder for Grippol, # 1 influenza vaccine in Russia.

One of the ARPM membership major criteria is conformance with the GMP standards. The new ARPM member fully complies with this important requirement. Petrovax Group already has two manufacturing sites certified to ISO 9001. On September 9th, 2008, Petrovax Group launched a new pharmaceutical production and manufacturing complex in Moscow region that is unrivalled in Russia, and fully complies with the European GMP requirements. The first product manufactured there is Grippol plus, an innovative flu vaccine in disposable single-dose syringes, that will be available to the Russian population by epidemic season 2008–2009.

"In effect, Petrovax Group’s development path is one of specific models of the implementation of the Russian pharma industry innovative development," noted Petrovax Group Director Gerenal Arkady Nekrasov.

Thus, with Petrovax Group membership, the ARPM unites 16 leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers with 29 production sites. According to  v. Dmitriev, "by their activity, the ARPM members demonstrate the Russian pharma’s capability to provide for the country’s strategic independence in terms of meeting the Russian citizens’s demand for affordable, high-quality pharmaceuticals. Petrovax Group’s affiliation with the ARPM will further promote the achievement of this objective."