Our developments are based on three proprietary technology platforms:

  1. The polymer platform comprises high molecular weight medicines with pronounced pharmacological activity (immunomodulating, antioxidant, and detoxifying)
  2. The adjuvant platform is based on polymeric antigens – combinations of purified viral or bacterial proteins, which induce an antigen-specific response, and adjuvants, responsible for the stimulatory function. In new generation vaccines, the universal adjuvant acts both as a depot for the antigen and as a stabilising agent, ensures an efficient presentation of the antigen to immune system cells, recruits the specific immune system, and amplifies the body’s overall resistance to infection.
  3. Our polymer conjugate platform helps us to develop prolonged therapeutic protein drugs (cytokines, enzymes, hormones, growth factors). Stabilisation of proteins by bonding them with a high molecular weight protein carrier provides for longer intervals between injections, helping to improve safety and tolerability of the administered drug while also reducing the cost of treatment.

To contribute to longer life expectancy and improved quality of life, new drugs based on Petrovax’s innovative technologies for treating the most challenging and socially dangerous diseases of today’s world will become available in the markets of Russia and globally as early as the next few years.

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