ТВ Новости на Первом Канале. В Московском университете имени Сеченова проходит третья фаза клинических исследований китайской вакцины от коронавируса
ТВ Россия 24. Президент «Петровакс» М. Цыферов на Всероссийском форуме «Здоровье нации – основа процветания России»
Российский препарат безопасен при лечении COVID-19. Сюжет на телеканале 360
Russia is threatened immediately by two virus-killers
Production of a vaccine for the prevention of influenza starts in Podolsk
Quadrivalent vaccine against the flu appeared in Russia
The first tetravalent influenza vaccine in Russia
In Podolsk invented an innovative vaccine against influenza
Podolsky enterprise will release an innovative vaccine against influenza
Farmvestnik.TV "editorial at the fireplace" with Elena Arkhangelsk
"Current report" Russian Pharmaceutical forum of Adam Smith Institute 2017.
RBC. Levchenko. FAQ.
"ФармNews": "Petrovax" met a delegation of doctors from Iran
Russia became one of three producers of vaccine against pneumococcus
Channel 1 , the program "Good Morning" - Vaccination against influenza
TV channel "Podmoskovie", the program "Innovation+" - Swine flu.
Discussion at the "round table" on the theme of "immunizations: are they necessary?"
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