Imoferaza® Application Research Results Revealed

In early 2024, the scientific journal Effective Pharmacotherapy published the results summarizing a research exploring the application of Imoferaza®, an innovative cream used to treat various skin lesions. The research revealed positive effects: scars reduced significantly in patients as early as 4 weeks since they started applying the product.

Imoferaza® is a cream offering a specialized skin care modality, targeting scars and cicatrices after injuries, burns, acne, cosmetic procedures, surgeries, and stretch marks. The cream contains immobilized (stabilized) hyaluronidase.

Russian clinical centers are actively studying Imoferaza® in their scientific research.

Thus, specialists at the CosmoProdTest Scientific and Practical Center have conducted a research involving 35 patients with hypertrophic scars and noted 2.1 times lower scar thickness, reduced discomfort (the POSAS scale showed the “pain” symptom decreasing by 1.9 times and “itching” by 1.5 times), better skin hydration in the scar area as well as less pigmentation and greater skin elasticity in this zone.[1]

Another large-scale study explored the issue of how effective and safe Imoferaza® cream was in correcting scarring skin changes. The research included 1622 patients aged 18 to 45 years, 43.03 % of whom had post-traumatic scars, 6.04% post-burn scars and 50.92 % iatrogenic scars.

22.93 % of participants had a normotrophic type of scarring skin changes and 77.07 % a hypertrophic one. All patients applied Imoferaza® cream to the scar areas twice a day for eight weeks. The researchers assessed its clinical efficacy after four and eight weeks from the start of application. The study showed a significant decrease in the intensity of dyspigmentation in the scar area four weeks after the start of its use and 56.05 % lower dyspigmentation intensity by the end of the follow-up period. The researchers also revealed a significantly decreased scar thickness and better elasticity of scar tissue.[1]

Moreover, there was a research, investigating post-acne symptoms corrected in a monotherapy regimen and at the rehabilitation stage after laser therapy. The authors concluded that Imoferaza® cream can be recommended as a monotherapy option for mild post-acne forms as well as in combination with laser treatment for patients with moderate post-acne symptoms. Regular application of Imoferaza® cream for eight weeks helps improve the skin appearance in problem areas.[1] At the end of the research, the experts noted that when Imoferaza® cream was applied from the early stages of treatment, this helped prevent gross cosmetic defects after skin injuries. The authors pointed out that with scar-related cosmetic defects made not as apparent, patients exhibited three times less severe psychological discomfort.

1 Kruglova, L.S., Ikonnikova E.V., Manturova N.E., Stenko A.G. Topical Hyaluronidase: Possibilities for Its Effective Application in Dermatology and Cosmetology. Effective Pharmacotherapy. 2024; 20 (1): 56–60.
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