Petrovax and Intellogic launch a project to use the Botkin.AI platform for studying the effect of Longidaze® among patients recovered from COVID-19

The joint project of Petrovax and Intellogic for testing the efficacy and safety of Longidaze® is the first in Russia and one of the first in the world. It applies artificial intelligence to determine the degree of lung damage on patients, including those recovered from COVID-19.
The multicenter observational study is aimed at assessing the efficacy and safety of the Longidaze® solution for preventing and treating pulmonary fibrosis – serious complication from the COVID-19 leading to respiratory failure. The study is organized in 14 clinical centers around Russia and Kazakhstan with the participation of 200 volunteers.
Longidaze includes a unique hyaluronidase enzyme capable of eliminating excess hyaluronic acid, preventing the formation of fibrous tissue in the lungs and contributing to a significant improvement in the general condition of patients, in particular those who have undergone coronavirus infection and suffer from respiratory failure1, 2, 3.
“Our company has launched a comprehensive research program of medicine that can help in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, as well as improving the quality of life of patients who have already recovered from coronavirus infection. We are pleased to announce a partnership with Intellogic in a multicenter observational study of Longidaze®, which has enabled the use of the innovative artificial intelligence platform Botkin.AI. This partnership will increase the objectivity in research results based on a parallel and independent comparative assessment of the effect of the medicine on the severity of lung damage”.
Mikhail Tsyferov, President of Petrovax

Botkin.AI measures the percentage of lung damage to tenths, allowing for maximally objective CT results, has a wide scope of applications, and can be used in clinical trials of medicine against coronavirus. The use of Botkin.AI will allow singling out key patients to whom this therapy will be most effective.
“The current conditions caused by COVID-19 dictate the need for rapid adaptation of companies working in the field of medical technology. We have been able to quickly add a high-quality solution for detecting signs of lung damage characteristic of COVID-19 to the existing applications for the early diagnosis of breast and lung cancer, with capabilities for dynamic observation. Our product is very effective both in the daily work of radiologists with increasing workloads and the rapidly growing number of examinations of the organs on the chest area, and also in clinical trials of leading pharmaceutical companies. We are pleased to cooperate with Petrovax and we hope that the current project is the first step towards a large-scale partnership to help patients around the world”.
Sergey Sorokin, CEO of Intellogic

1 Shi Y. et al. COVID-19 infection: the perspectives on immune responses. – 2020
2 Mong M. A., Awkal J. A., Marik P. E. Systematic review of COVID-19 autopsies: accelerated hyaluronan concentration as the primary driver of morbidity and mortality in high-risk COVID-19 patients: with therapeutic introduction of an oral hyaluronan inhibitor in the prevention of “Induced Hyaluronan Storm” Syndrome //medRxiv. – 2020
3 Ding M. et al. Correlation analysis of the severity and clinical prognosis of 32 cases of patients with COVID-19 //Respiratory medicine. – 2020. – Т. 167

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