Petrovax congratulated Podolsk physicians on Health Worker Day

© РИАМО в Подольске, Галина Добрынина

Immediately before the Health Worker Day, pharmaceutical company Petrovax extended congratulations to health professionals on their professional holiday and donated more than 1,000 packs of Polyoxidonium® to hospitals and outpatient clinics of the city of Podolsk to support immunity and prevent infection in healthcare staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A special event was hosted by Podolsk Municipal Clinical Hospital on the 19th of June. The participants of this charity event were Petrovax Director for Production and Quality Larisa Dukhina, Deputy Head of Podolsk City Administration Alexander Skobennikov, Head of Environmental and Public Health Department Irina Simchuk, and Board Member of Moscow Region’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Alexey Kokorin.

Podolsk is the site of Petrovax’s manufacturing complex that produces branded pharmaceuticals and vaccines, including immunomodulating agent Polyoxidonium®. The company is actively involved in the region’s social and charity programs and participates in the named customer programs for public organizations and healthcare facilities.

© РИАМО в Подольске, Галина Добрынина
“In June, we traditionally mark the Health Worker Day. The holiday is specifically important this year as healthcare professionals are on the front line fighting the novel coronavirus. We sincerely congratulate all health workers on their professional holiday. We really appreciate your priceless efforts, self-denial, and daily acts of bravery when you save human lives risking your own life. We wish you health, further professional success, happiness, and prosperity”.
Larisa Dukhina, Petrovax Director for Production and Quality

It is not Petrovax’s first charity campaign. Since the COVID-19 pandemic onset, more than 10 thousand Polyoxidonium® packs were donated to clinical centers involved in treatment of COVID-19 patients all over Russia.

Polyoxidonium® has 20+ years of history. This Russian branded immunomodulating agent is used for prevention and treatment of viral infections. Polyoxidonium® has been included into Russia’s Ministry of Health official guidelines for ARVI treatment during the pandemic, while in Slovakia this medicinal product has been recommended for treatment of the novel coronavirus infection in the elderly.

In April, the company launched a multicenter international clinical trial to study Polyoxidonium® efficacy in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The study is conducted in accordance this the WHO protocol that has been earlier used for a clinical trial of remdesivir, the first medicinal product that has proved to be efficacious for COVID-19 treatment, according to the WHO). The interim results of the international clinical trial on Polyoxidonium® will be released this summer.

“During the pandemic, our production complex shifted to 24/7 operation to meet the increased demand for Polyoxidonium®. We were quick to boost production, with the new line running at full capacity. Now we can produce up to 7 million packs of Polyoxidonium® tablets a year, if required. To handle the increased workload, the company hired more than 130 new employees. Presently, the manufacturing facility has more than 350 employees,”
said Larisa Dukhina.

To prevent coronavirus infection spread among the workers, the company takes specific actions. Petrovax screens the employees for coronavirus infection on a regular basis. The mask requirement has been enforced at the facility, with all workers provided with safety masks and gloves. A comfortable work environment with safety distancing has been provided for.

About Petrovax

Petrovax is a Russian full-cycle biopharmaceutical company founded by a group of scientists in 1996. The company is among the TOP5 immunobiological manufacturers of Russia. It has more than 600 employees, with more than 350 of them working at the production complex.

The production complex for active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms located in Moscow Region is fully compliant with the Russian and international GMPs and ISO:9001. Its production capacity provides for manufacturing 160 million medication shots a year. Petrovax is the first in Russia immunobiological manufacturer that was issued GMP certificates from the EU and Iran.

Petrovax is one of the largest pharmaceutical employers and taxpayers of Moscow Region. As of 2019, the company’s tax payments to the local budget exceeded 525 million RUB.

Petrovax’s product portfolio includes branded medicinal products Polyoxidonium® and Longidaza®, influenza vaccines Grippol® Plus and Grippol® Quadrivalent, generic product Velson®, and cosmetic cream Imoferaza® to specifically address scarred and adhesion sites. In partnership with leading foreign companies, Petrovax has localized the production and currently manufactures pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar® 13 as well as innovative thrombolytics Actilyse® and Metalyse®.

The company has an in-house R&D center and a certified vivarium with four animal types for conducting clinical trials of its own products and providing contract research services. Petrovax has 20+ patents for drug molecules and process technologies.

Petrovax has an adequate experience in implementing international full-cycle production technology transfer projects, quality control and assurance for immunobiologicals. Petrovax’s partners are leading international pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Abbott, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Expansion of export potential and geographic footprint is one of the company’s strategic targets. Petrovax exports its products to the EEU, Middle East (Iran), and EU (Slovakia). Further business opportunities include the Balkans, Egypt, and other MENA countries.

Petrovax is an Interros Group company since 2014.

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