Velson® TV campaign launched

NPO Petrovax Pharm announces the launch of a Velson® TV campaign in the Russian federal TV network. The ad video under the slogan «A nice day starts with a good sleep!» focuses the audience’s attention on the importance of healthy sleep in every human life.

Petrovax Pharm launched Velson® (melatonin) to the market in July 2019. In September, a wide-scale Internet and media advertising campaign started on the back of the product launch that has presently become nation-wide. Since October, the federal TV channels such as The First, Russia, NTV, STS, TNT etc. have been engaged into the campaign, too.

Velson® (melatonin) is a state-of-the-art medication for sleep normalization and arranging human biorhythms. The product regulates the sleep-wake cycles, provides for quicker falling asleep, improves sleep quality, promotes jet lag and weather changes adaption in meteopathic individuals. Velson® is good for the emotional personality sphere (mood) and intellectual and mnestic functions of the brain (intelligence, memory); it helps withstand day-to-day anxieties and stresses. The product does not accumulate in the body even if taken for a long time.

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