Navicon updated CRM system at Petrovax Pharm

Within the framework of a CRM system development project, Navicon experts extended the capability of Navicon Pharma CRM solution previously implemented by this systems integrator at Petrovax Pharm, one of the leading Russian innovative pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers.

Now, the system includes a geolocation function. Thus, the company management can coordinate and monitor the field force (medical representatives) work not only based on their pharmacy and physician office visit reports but also using their real-time location. The system helps check the planned and real field force routes, and make adjustments if a visiting schedule is not optimal. Geolocation helps medical representatives as well: e.g., they can see their planned route, and make a convenient customer visiting schedule.

Petrovax Pharm management has also set a task on an automated personal KPI record-keeping for the field staff. Navicon experts designed a CRM report that made it possible for a manager to monitor a medical representative’s pharmacy and physician office visit plan, actual visits, and deviations from the planned targets.

The new CRM system version integrates an automated vaccine promotion management function. Petrovax Pharm is a developer of Grippol plus, a unique influenza vaccine widely used in Russia and exported. As of today, four Petrovax Pharm’s lines of business were automated in the CRM system, i.e. the universal medical line, specialized medical line (gynecology, urology), pharmacy line, and vaccine line.

«Petrovax Pharm is engaged in major scientific work; all our R&D operations lean on an  in-house research base. An important element of our work is communication with the medical community in the form of  one-on-one meetings, various events, and drug use feedback collection. The new CRM system version has an automated partner and customer categorization function implemented, which made it possible for us to sel ect a targeted cluster fr om the pharmacy and medical communities for closer interaction. Now a manager only needs to select specific criteria in the CRM, and the system itself will categorize the customers selecting those for whom our information on new studies might be of interest, or whom an invitation to a workshop needs to be sent to. We have verified that the industry-specific CRM solution provided by Navicon was the right choice: the system provides for building up capabilities depending on our business lines and emergence of new objectives,» noted Elena Galaeva, Petrovax Pharm Promotion Director.

To recap, Navicon Pharma CRM on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 platform was implemented at Petrovax Pharm by Navicon in 2016. The CRM system supports running a consolidated customer base and monitoring of Petrovax Pharm’s regional representatives. The first CRM implementation stage made it possible for Petrovax Pharm, in the shortest time possible, to rearrange its customer relations by speeding up the data processing by 40% and significantly reducing the number of errors and time spent for customer relations history retrieval.

Presently, approx. 100 Petrovax Pharm’s employees use this CRM system across Russia.

Background information

Navicon ( is a systems integrator, one of the leading Russian IT consultancy and project management service providers. The company was established in 2002; it currently has more than 250 employees. Navicon has implemented many CRM-related projects, in particular, for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. Its customer base includes Sanofi, R-Pharm , Unipharm, etc. Navicon’s  Microsoft-based CRM solution for the pharmaceutical industry was recognized by the vendor as the best partner industry-specific solution in 2015.

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