The Role of Immunomodulators in Pediatric Practice: a scientific and practical conference, Armenia

On March 14, Petrovax Pharm jointly with Argo-Pharm hosted in Yerevan (Armenia) a scientific and practical conference on the role of immunomodulators in pediatric practice. The event attracted more than 50 leading specialists of the Republic of Armenia.

Petrovax Pharm started exporting pharmaceuticals to Armenia in 2014 by supplying Polyoxidonium, an efficacious and safe combined immunomodulating agent. This medication has won the recognition of specialized professionals, and is currently widely used in medical practice. Year-on-year , Petrovax Pharm has been increasing pharmaceutical exports to that country. Importantly, Armenia was among the first few countries to start receiving Imoferaza (an innovative cosmetic cream) exports on a regular basis in 2016.

To support an active penetration of the Armenian market, in March 2017, Petrovax Pharm jointly with Argo-Pharm , a pharmaceutical distributor that owns a pharmacy chain, hosted a scientific and practical conference on immunology and pediatric use of Polyoxidonium with participation of Armenia’s leading pediatricians.

The conference’s key event was the presentation by Tatiana H. Fedoskova, MD, professor of Immunology Chair, Medical and Biological Department of  N. I. Pirogov Russian State Medical University. She spoke on Polyoxidonium effect on the immune system, and its safe use in pediatrics.

Petrovax Pharm plans to continue the implementation of its marketing strategy in Armenia in partnership with Argo-Pharm , and participate in key scientific and practical conferences as well as organize training programs for specialized professionals.

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