Petrovax Pharm summarized results of vaccination poster competition

In June 2016, the results of the competition of creative works for vaccination promotion by students of  v. I. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute were summarized. Petrovax Pharm initiated and organized this competition of young graphic artists as one of its social projects aimed at vaccination promotion both among the population and the professional medical community.

Twenty best posters were selected, which equals the number of years Petrovax Pharm has been implementing innovative technologies on the Russian pharma market. The winners were awarded prizes.

Petrovax Pharm President Elena ARKHANGELSKYAYA: "For the entire history or this country, a poster has been a powerful tool to influence human minds and feelings. A poster of the Soviet period was both a landmark and artwork, and, at the same time, an ideological weapon. In the medical care sphere, graphics is a physician’s supplementary information aide. I hope that the works by young artists will create public awareness in respect of this socially important topic, and will help increase the number of people who have chosen vaccination as a preventive measure against infectious diseases."

Stanislav VORONKOV, a competition prize winner: "Many people, including those of my age, do not understand why they need to be timely vaccinated; they do not take their health seriously, and when making decisions on vaccination, they are guided not by scientific facts, but by  water-cooler speculations. But statistics is inexorable, and vaccination benefits can hardly be overestimated. Vaccination is undoubtedly a rescue and protection against dangerous infections."

Petrovax Pharm thanks all participants for their contribution into the social project aimed at public health maintenance.

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