Petrovax Pharm President Elena Arkhangelskaya speaks at conference “What’s going on in the pharma market?”

On October 5–6, 2015, Moscow hosted the 7th conference «What’s going on in the pharma market?» with participation of more 350 leading pharma players. The discussion embraced major market trends in the recession setting, regulatory policy, investment attractiveness of the Russian pharma market as well as the problems of local manufacturers, and actions required to stimulate the Russian pharma industry.

A separate expert panel focused on creating a state monopoly on the immunobiological drug market. Recently, this issue has been broadly discussed by the professional community. Petrovax Pharm President Elena Arkhangelskaya took an active part in this discussion along with Nanolek President Vladimir Khristenko, Akrikhin Sales Director Rustem Muratov, and Synovate Comcon Healthcare Unit Director Oleg Feldman; the latter moderated the panel. The speakers discussed the risks of creating a state monopoly on the immunobiological drug market, investment attractiveness prospects for this segment as well as the vaccine market development in the new economic setting.

«As an immunobiological manufacturer, we are concerned about what is going on in the market, first of all, about the uncertainty introduced by the changes in the immunobiologicals purchasing and supply regulations,» emphasized Elena Arkhangelskaya. «Immunobiology specifics is that this is a long process that requires substantial and continuous investment in manufacturing, primarily in quality. When the Federal Target Program „ Pharma-2020 “ was adopted, local manufacturers together with large companies responded fast and initiated an active drug localization process; due to that, today we can say what percentage of drugs was localized, but it has mainly been secondary packaging so far. To move further to a  full-cycle production, as we have already done in respect of a  13-vaccine pneumococcal vaccine, given an integrated approach, one needs to understand clearly that his/her efforts will be worth it, that he/she will remain in business, and that patients will receive a  high-quality drug irrespective of any political decisions. The main thing is to keep the population from changing the attitude to immunization in a negative way as well as prevent refusal from vaccination in future because of certain novelties.»

When analyzing the investment attractiveness of the segment, Elena Arkhangelskaya remarked: «We as a Russian immunobiological developer and manufacturer that has for a long time operated on the market, and has a  long-term development strategy, do not change our plans. Our strategic focus is both on  in-house R&D activities and international projects associated with localization of  high-tech immunobiological drugs that are on-demand in practical healthcare.»

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