Petrovax Pharm and St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera agreed on strategic cooperation

Petrovax Pharm and FSUE St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera (SPbRIVS) of the FMBA of Russia signed a  long-term strategic cooperation agreement on the development, manufacturing, and practical implementation of advanced local vaccines.

In the short term, the companies plan a joint full-cycle production of a local preservative-free trivalent flu vaccine in disposable syringes. All production stages will be performed at the companies’ immunobiological facilities to the GMP standards. The finished product is to be launched to the market in 2015.

Within the framework of the agreement signed, Petrovax Pharm and SPbRIVS are also working on an ambitious investment project associated with the development and implementation of a quadrivalent polymer-subunit flu vaccine. For several years, the WHO has provided quadrivalent flu vaccine immunization guidelines. This relates to the necessity of enhancing the flu immunization efficacy, and, as a result, decreasing the morbidity rate, reducing economic losses, and increasing trust to annual vaccination among the population. The implementation of this project will yield the best flu vaccine in the world as well as leadership in one of the most socially important pharma segments.

The companies aim at building up the international cooperation, i.e. extension of export potential of the existing and new products as well as joint participation in the immunobiological construction project development in Nicaragua.

«I am pleased with the fact that we are moving to a new level of cooperation with SPbRIVS. Our project aimed at creating an entirely local quadrivalent adjuvanted flu vaccine is a logical continuation of our R&D efforts that have provided for our success with Grippol vaccine," NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC Chairman of the Board Arkady Nekrasov commented upon signing the agreement.

«Our efforts on creating advanced local vaccines are in line with the government strategies, and are aimed at the implementation of the Federal Target Program «Pharma-2020» . Importantly, the project of creating a  quadrivalent flu vaccine has not only an import substitution effect but also an apparent export potential in a  non-resource economic sector," remarked Interros Deputy CEO for Investment Alexey Bashkirov.

«I am sure that this partnership will be strategically important not only for our companies but also for the Russian pharma industry overall. This partnership will facilitate the development of research and production projects in the immunobiological industry, which is a strategic sector directly affecting the national security. We will be able to contribute to the development of Russia’s economy as well as present out manufacturing technologies and products on international markets,» emphasized SPbRIVS Director Victor Trukhin.

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