Petrovax is on track with business process automation

In July 2014, Petrovax Pharm had its electronic document management system successfully automated. Business process optimisation has made a dramatic improvement to document management procedures, contributing to greater transparency and efficiency within the company.

Petrovax Pharm, one of the leaders in the Russian pharmaceutical market, is committed to using all available resources to develop and utilise cutting-edge solutions and technologies. Furthermore, since its inception, Petrovax has been operating under GMP standards. These standards are known for imposing stringent requirements on all the processes run at a pharmaceutical company, including speed and quality of internal processes. In line with that, the introduction of modern automated systems has been a corporate milestone crucial to Petrovax’s growth in the future.

In 2013, the company's personnel training and development process was also automated. The new system delivered a more efficient and responsive HR record-keeping solution and a common information system for personnel training purposes.

As part of its commitment to advanced IT solutions, this year Petrovax started using an electronic document management system offered by 1C Company. The automated system has made document management much easier, helping to improve internal transparency of business processes and corporate operations at large.

Going forward, Petrovax plans to continue automating its personnel training systems and enhancing the use of innovative electronic courses, interactive technologies, and animated videos. Automated e-tests will also be designed and introduced for multidimensional personnel assessment in quality management and occupational health and safety requirements.

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