Petrovax Pharm starts shipping influenza vaccines to Russia’s regions

Petrovax Pharm, a Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines, started shipping Grippol® plus vaccine to immunize Russian children in epidemic season 2011–2012.

The vaccine will be shipped to all Russian regions before December 2011. The first shipments to remote areas have already been made.

Grippol® plus is an improved analogue of widely known Grippol® vaccine developed by Petrovax Pharm and manufactured by Microgen and St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera under license from Petrovax Pharm.

Petrovax Pharm registered Grippol® plus in 2008. Since 2009, the vaccine has been used within the framework of the National project "Zdorovye" (Health) to immunize children.

Grippol® plus is a Russian latest-generation inactivated flu vaccine. It is  preservative-free , and has a major evidence base for efficacy and safety in adults and children as well as in special populations, including subjects with chronic somatic diseases and pregnant women. A mass application experience (20 million people) is indicative of Grippol® plus high efficacy and safety.

The vaccine contains influenza virus antigens and Polyoxidonium® (an immunoadjuvant) due to which the antigen content has been reduced threefold. It is Polyoxidonium® formulated into the vaccine that provides for forming a stable immune response over 8–12 days without overstraining the immune system; that is why Grippol® plus vaccination is possible up to the beginning of an epidemic season.

The vaccine is manufactured at a state- of-the-art facility to the international GMP standards, which guarantees manufacture stability and reliability as well as the product’s high quality. The dosage form of disposable single-dose syringes provides for simple and safe vaccination.

"For several years, Petrovax Pharm has been supplying influenza vaccines all over Russia to immunize children. This is a huge responsibility for our company, and we never forget about it in our daily work. I would like to emphasize that Grippol® plus vaccine is manufactured at one of the most advanced high-tech facilities in Russia. We pay close attention to quality control and assurance for all pharmaceuticals produced. And we are proud of being able to provide Russian children with advanced, high-quality , efficacious, and safe vaccines manufactured locally," said Petrovax Pharm Director General Arkady Nekrasov.

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