Record flu vaccination levels in Russia

As of 08 December 2011, the childhood vaccination with Grippol® Plus is nearing completion with over 11.9 million children vaccinated (99.7% coverage).

Over 18 million adults received Grippol® Plus (90.4% coverage), leaving the adult vaccination programme complete in 55 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and near completion in three of them: the Astrakhan Region (91.0%), the Udmurtian Republic (96.8%), and the Republic of Ingushetia (98.6%).

As of 08 December 2011, over 30.1 million children and adults have received flu shots through regular scheduled immunisation, according to the National Preventive Vaccination Calendar (93.9% coverage).

80 constituent entities of the Russian Federation have had their immunisation programmes funded from other sources, through which 4.2 million people have been vaccinated.

Overall, as of 08 December 2011, more than 34.3 million people (24.0% of the country’s population) have been vaccinated.

Gennady Onischenko, head of the Federal Service on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being Surveillance, said that so far, influenza rates in Russia remain at pre-epidemic levels. Most cases are due to non-influenza viruses (para-influenza and adenoviruses). According to Mr Onischenko, the seasonal flu pandemic is due to arrive in January, after the New Year holidays.

Grippol® vaccine group — innovative, effective and safe new generation flu vaccines.


  • A 15-year track record for large-scale vaccination campaigns across Russia.
  • The official influenza vaccine of the National Preventive Vaccination Calendar since 2006.

Grippol® Plus

  • Improved version of Grippol®, the first Russian-made, preservative-free, inactivated influenza vaccine.
  • Produced in single-dose syringes with safe needles for painless vaccination, and in ampoules.
  • The official vaccine of the National Calendar’s childhood immunisation programme since 2009.

Source: Pharma Bulletin

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