Grippol Plus and Grippol vaccines supplied for Russian National Health Project

In the epidemiological season 2009-2010, the safest and most advanced local vaccine Grippol Plus will be used for children immunization.

On May 14th, 2009, the Unified Order Placement Commission, through open biddings and vendor requests for quotation within the framework of the National Priority Health Project and the National Immunization Schedule, reviewed the applications for the participation in an open bidding for the right to sign government supply contracts for human immunobiological products for influenza immunization provided for by 2009-2010 National Immunization Schedule.

For the first time, is was decided to introduce the second lot, i.e. a preservative-free inactivated subunit influenza vaccine for children immunization. The winner was latest-generation influenza vaccine Grippol Plus (developer and manufacturer: Petrovax Group).

Grippol Plus is a preservative-free vaccine produced in disposable single-dose syringes using advanced high-tech equipment that conforms to the international GMP EU standards. A sound efficacy and safety evidence base is available for this medication use both in adults and children. Over the past immunization season, Grippol Plus has proved its high efficacy and safety.

The government purchases for the Grippol Plus lot will amount to 6,603,980 doses.

Grippol vaccine will be used for immunization of the Russian adult population vaccinated on an annual basis within the framework of the National Immunization Schedule (developer and patent holder: Petrovax Group; licensed manufacturer: FSUE NPO Microgen).

The government purchases for the Grippol lot will amount to 20,857,799 doses.

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