Immunomodulators are only believed to possess immunotropic properties. However, certain medicines may have a positive impact on metabolic processes in the body, act as an antioxidant and detoxifier, have a membrane- and hepatoprotective effect. AZOXIVET (formerly branded as Polyoxidonium, veterinary solution) is exactly this type of medicine.

AZOXIVET is manufactured for small pets in ampoules No. 5 containing 3 and 6 mg of solution, and for farm animals in ampoules No. 5 and No. 1 containing 24 mg and 240 mg, respectively.

This medicine is a true immunomodulator and a multi-purpose drug not only capable of stimulating the immunity, but can also treat complications triggered by a pathological process, considerably alleviate the disease course and still be safe for the organism. Unlike many immunomodulators, it does not give rise to a hyperactive immunity resulting in itsdepletion, even in case of a multiple overdose. It may be therefore administered, even when the animal’s state of immune system cannot be diagnosed.

AZOXIVET (Azoximer bromide) is a key representative from the class of high-molecular synthetic immunomodulators, and belongs to the class of water-soluble derivatesive of heterochain aliphatic polyamines. This class of compounds is unique in terms of both structure and properties.

AZOXIVET is prescribed to:

  • treat acute and chronic infectious diseases of various origins (bacterial, viral or fungal, etc.)
  • quickly alleviate effects of intoxication in case of poisoning, acute allergic, toxic- allergic conditions
  • alleviate nephro- and hepatotoxic effects of chemo- and drug therapy
  • reduce incidence of infectious complications
  • prevent post-surgery complications
  • improve the quality of life of animals with oncologic, chronic diseases, and of ageing animals
  • enhance resistance to an unfavourable environment (ablactation, transportation, change of animal fodder / pet food, exhibition, etc.)

AZOXIVET is administered parenterally (intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous injections) in a treatment course of 5–7 injections once a day, every second day or 1–2 times a week, or orally (for preventive purposes), dissolved in water, once a day before feeding.

Dosage: for animals weighing below 3.0 kg: 0.3–0.5 mg/kg, up to 10 kg: 0.3 mg/kg, 10–100 kg: 0.25–0.20 mg/kg.

Application of the medicine during a number of years demonstrated its high efficacy in the therapy of infectious diseases in dogs, cats, rodents, substantial anti-metastasis effect in dogs with oncologic diseases, prevention of secondary infections in the post-surgery period, rehabilitation of animals having piroplasmosis. The drug has also shown good performance in the treatment of dermatological conditions, including in highly allergic animals and those with chronic diseases and immunodeficiencies. The medicine is also used as a means of prevention and treatment of farm animals’ infectious diseases, in cases of secondary immunodeficiencies, as an adjuvant in vaccination, etc.

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