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NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC, a pharmaceutical company

NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC is one of the Russian leading R&D and manufacturing companies focusing on innovative immunobiological products and vaccines. The company was founded in 1996 by a team of Russian scientists to develop and manufacture original pharmaceuticals as well as implement them into clinical practice.

NPO Petrovax Pharm’s major businesses include manufacturing of influenza and pneumococcal vaccines supplied for the Russian National Immunization Schedule as well as the development and production of immunobiological products.

NPO Petrovax Pharm’s product portfolio includes only innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines manufactured based on in-house R&D results and in partnership with the leading domestic and foreign companies. NPO Petrovax Pharm has more than 20 patents for new molecules and manufacturing technologies.

The company’s significant annual R&D investments provide for marketing in-demand, efficacious, and safe pharmaceuticals and vaccines. NPO Petrovax Pharm has an in-house R&D Center.

The company’s manufacture is fully compliant with the Russian and international GMP standards and ISO:9001. The up-to-date manufacturing and warehousing complex located in Moscow region is one of the most sophisticated hi-tech biopharmaceutical facilities in Russia. The full-cycle production units manufacture APIs, liquid, soft, and solid dosage forms in disposable syringes, ampoules, vials, and polymer containers. The facility capacity provides for manufacturing more than 160 m doses of immunobiological products a year.

Petrovax Pharm aims at expanding its international partnership and export potential. Presently, the company successfully competes with the world industry leaders on the local and foreign markets exporting medicinal products to the CIS, Middle East (Iran), and EU (Slovakia). The company plans to enter South American and Southeast Asian markets.

The company has a significant experience in implementing international projects on advanced technology transfer in respect of full-cycle manufacture, quality control, and quality assurance of the end product. In 2008, in partnership with Abbott (former Solvay Pharma), construction of an up-to-date immunobiologicals manufacturing facility to international GMP standards was successfully completed. In 2015, a co-project with Pfizer was executed on implementing a full-cycle manufacture, quality control, and quality assurance technology for 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine Prevenar®-13. In 2016, cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim was initiated on localization of a full-cycle manufacture of up-to-date cardiovascular pharmaceuticals. This project implementation will be another step on the road to availability and accessibility of vital pharmaceuticals and will help save the lives of thousands of Russian patients.

NPO Petrovax Pharm has a unique experience in immunobiologicals localization in other countries: in particular, in 2015, a technology transfer project involving influenza vaccine Grippol Plus manufacturing was implemented in Belarus; in 2016, a similar project was initiated in Iran.

NPO Petrovax Pharm has more than 600 highly skilled employees. It is an Interros Group company.


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