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Longidaze® is an innovative product with proven effectiveness in prevention and combination therapy of connective tissue hyperplasia (commissures, fibrosis and fibrotic granulomas, scars).

During many years of research, clinical trials, and clinical use, the drug has proven its high therapeutic effectiveness and safety in pulmonology, urology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, surgery, cosmetology, dermatology and venereology, and otolaryngology.

The high effectiveness is achieved through conjugation of Hyaluronidaze enzyme with a high molecular weight carrier. Longidaze® is fundamentally different in its mechanism from other Hyaluronidaze-based drugs, acting double-way: it suppresses connective tissue hyperplasia while inhibiting the inflammatory process that causes it.

Longidaze® is the treatment of choice for:

  • peritoneal commissures, tubal-peritoneal infertility
  • pulmonary sclerosis, lung tuberculosis
  • keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, inverted post-pyodermia cicatrix, scars after traumas, burns, surgical interventions
  • localised scleroderma
  • keratitis (for more accurate damaged cornea sites scarring)
  • arthritis, arthrosis, joints contractures, traumatic plexuses and peripheral nerves damage (plexitis, neuritis), peripheral disks diseases
  • chronic non-specific prostatitis
  • interstitial cystitis
  • increased bioavailability of antibiotics and diagnostic contrast substances, and for increased absorption of local anaesthetics

Fibrosis prostate.
The role of the enzyme therapy in its correction:

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