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Tel./fax: +7(495)730-75-45/ 60
E-mail: info@petrovax.ru

Map and directions to our headquarters

Map and directions to our production site

Krasnaya Presnya 22 Office Centre,
22 Krasnaya Presnya Street

1 Sosnovaya Street, Pokrov Village, Podolsk District, Moscow Region
Tel./fax: +7(495) 926-21-07
E-mail: npo@petrovax.ru

By public transport:

At the Yuzhnaya underground station get off the train facing the way the train goes if coming from the centre and turn left in the underground walkway, then turn right and follow the long distance bus station direction sign upstairs. Take a bus or a public taxi Nos. 413, 426, 435 (leaving approximately every 15–20 minutes). Once on the bus ask the fare collector to stop at the Pokrov Village Station near the above-ground walkway. The bus ride will take about 20–30 minutes. Off the bus use the above-ground walkway (glass tube) to cross Simferopolskoye Shosse and continue through the CAMP motor spares market to the blue-and-white building of the factory (approximately a ten-minute walk from the bus station).

At the Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard underground station get off the train and continue with your back to the train if coming from the centre, past the platform gate turn left, move through two glass exit doors and turn left to exit the station. Take a bus No. 868. The rest of the route is the same as from the Yuzhnaya underground station (see above).

Coming from Podolsk take a bus No. 40 at the railway station to the Pokrov Village bus station.

Coming from Klimovsk or Vesennyaya Platform take a bus No. 426 or 432.