NPO Petrovax Pharm’s product portfolio includes original medications, developed either in-house or in cooperation with leading domestic and foreign companies

(Azoximer bromide)

A combined innovative product with immunomodulating, detoxifying, and antioxidative action. Used in treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases of bacterial, viral, or fungal origin.

(Bovhyarulonidase azoximer)

An advanced sustained release enzyme for combined therapy of connective tissue hyperplasia diseases (adhesion, scarring, or fibrous processes).


(influenza vaccine [inactivated] + azoximer bromide)

The first Russian preservative-free influenza vaccine in disposable syringes.

13-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, adsorbed.

A vaccine for prevention of pneumococcal infections

Cosmetic products

A specialized skin scar revision product to address scarred and adhesion sites.

Veterinary products

A high molecular weight combined immunomodulating agent. Developed to treat and prevent acute and chronic infectious diseases, deal with intoxications of various origins, and increase resistance to adverse environmental factors.