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NPO Petrovax Pharm is among the leaders by quality of medicines in the Russian pharmaceutical market, with strong emphasis on quality control and quality assurance to guarantee full compliance with national and international standards for all of the company’s products.

The quality management system (QMS) in place is aligned with the latest standards including GOST R 52249–2009 national standard, ISO 9001, and GMP and GLP standards. In 2012, Petrovax Pharm received EU Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance from regulators in Ukraine and Slovakia. In 2014, the Company obtained a GMP compliance certificate from the public authorities in Slovakia and Iran and successfully passed re-certification for ISO:9001 standard. In 2016, the Company received a GMP certificate issued by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and a renewed EU GMP certificate from Slovakia.

The exceptional quality of Petrovax Pharm’s products is confirmed through multiple audits performed by Russian regulatory authorities and major global pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Abbott. Audits are conducted annually to verify full compliance of the company’s quality management system with the international GMP standards and Russian regulatory requirements.

Petrovax Pharm operates an effective quality management system officially certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. It covers work practices throughout the entire organisation, including the production, R&D, back office and other functions.

  • The effective operation of the quality management system is confirmed through large-scale audits carried out annually by an ISO certification authority.
  • The company runs a document management system which enables it to keep track of all actions of the production and quality control personnel, both in real time and historically.
  • Petrovax Pharm cooperates exclusively with the approved suppliers of raw materials audited by its quality management team.
  • An automated personnel training system based on e-learning and development portal is in place.

By deploying, maintaining and improving our quality and environmental management systems in line with GMP and ISO guidelines, we guarantee quality, effectiveness and safety of every medicine we make.