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Grippol® Plus

Grippol® group comprises new generation adjuvanted subunit vaccines. All contain the latest flu strains along with Polyoxidonium, a high molecular weight compound, as an immune adjuvant. Containing the haemagglutinin and neuraminidase proteins on the surface of the influenza virus, this structure permits a near-natural presentation of influenza antigens and induces a rapid and strong immune response in vaccinated individuals. With Polyoxidonium as an immunopotentiator:

  • the viral antigen content is three times lower
  • vaccination is generally safer
  • the vaccine can be used across all population groups, primarily those at higher risk – children, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases, including immunodeficiency disorders

The medicines comply with all applicable national and international safety and efficacy requirements.


  • More than 20 years of track record for large-scale vaccination campaigns across Russia
  • The official influenza vaccine of the National Preventive Vaccination Calendar since 2006

Grippol® Plus

  • The first Russian-made preservative-free inactivated influenza vaccine
  • Produced in single-dose syringes with safe needles for painless vaccination
  • The official vaccine of the National Calendar’s childhood vaccination programme since 2009, and for pregnant women since 2014.

Grippol Neo

  • The world’s first adjuvanted cell culture-based subunit vaccine (derived from MDCK cells)
  • The new antigen technology enables:
    • improved vaccine safety as the cell cultures are not contaminated with foreign microorganisms
    • vaccination to egg-allergic patients
    • production of a vaccine without a trace of antibiotics
  • The vaccine contains no preservatives and is available in single-dose syringes with safe needles for painless vaccination.
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