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Corporate social responsibility

  • Our values

    Corporate social responsibility is the key driver behind the dynamic and sustainable growth of Petrovax Pharm and the cornerstone of its corporate governance strategy.

    The company successfully manages its social activities by implementing the following principles: systematic and strategic planning, innovative and responsible business practices, engagement in various social projects, and compliance with business and personal communication ethics.

    CORPORATE SOCIAL PROGRAMME Petrovax Pharm focuses on four key areas:

    Focus areas

    • 1. Communication, business and management ethics. High standards of both internal and external relations.
    • 2. Charity Organising programmes targeting crucial social problems.
    • 3. Employee training and development programmes. Support for educational projects.
    • 4. Environmental Protection The company's facilities are built and operating in compliance with the current international environmental standards GMP and ISO 9001.

    Operations strategy

    As part of its global strategy, the company develops new products, fosters technological innovation, completes social and charity programmes, organises employee training and development, and pursues effective management by putting together a successful team and establishing long-term partner relations that benefit all the parties involved. Petrovax Pharm is committed to helping further develop the Russian pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and national wealth.

    The contributions of Petrovax Pharm to the country's economy, science and technological progress are exemplified by the company's high operational standards and R&D capacity, expert team with a strong track record and high tech production in line with international requirements

  • Helping People charity programme

    Ever since its inception, the company has been actively engaged in supporting community groups, as well as medical, educational and religious organisations.

    Helping People targets today's most pressing community issues and strives to improve both mental and physical well-being of people across Russia.

    Participation in social and charity projects is a long-standing and cherished tradition at Petrovax Pharm.

    Petrovax Pharm is also a contributor to the Charity Instead of Souvenirs initiative, using its souvenir budget to support the people in need.

    CHARITY PROGRAMME Petrovax Pharm works in the following areas:

    Focus areas

    • 1. Projects aimed at helping people who need social protection the most: orphan children, large, adoptive and single parent families and those with disabled family members.
    • 2. Supporting construction and renovation of churches in the Moscow Region.
    • 3. Supplying pharmaceuticals and vaccines to medical and educational institutions, as well as community groups.
    • 4. Supporting sports projects and programmes.
    • 5. Organising donor campaigns together with the Haematological Scientific Centre.

    Petrovax Pharm sponsors sectoral, research and practice events in healthcare.

    The company is a regular attendee at regional and federal conferences, congresses, forums and conventions.

    Petrovax Pharm organises lectures, presentations and workshops on the most relevant pharmaceutical issues, as well as on-site production internships for students of targeted faculties and departments.

    Supporting educational events

    Supporting educational events is part of the company's policy to educate and attract the best students.

    The company is an active partner of the Russian Pharmaceutical Olympics and International Pharmaceutical Innovation Camp (FILIN),

    which has been regularly held since 2012 for the students from 30 pharmacy and chemical technology universities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

    In 2014, Petrovax Pharm became a co-founder of Research and Educational Centre for pharmaceutical experts in partnership with St. Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical Academy (SPCPA) and Research Institute of Influenza (RII). Currently there are plans to establish a Petrovax Pharm-based educational centre of pharmaceutical production.

    The company actively fosters cooperation with pharmaceutical universities. It provides ongoing support for student training projects and is a partner of Russia’s leading pharmaceutical and medical universities.