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      International non-proprietary name: bovhyarulonidase azoximer

      An advanced sustained release enzyme for combined therapy of connective tissue hyperplasia diseases (adhesion, scarring, or fibrous processes).

      Used in gynecology, urology, dermatovenerology, pulmonology, orthopedics, surgery, esthetic medicine, and otolaryngology.

      Dosage forms: suppositories, and lyophilizate for solution for infusion.

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      (Bovhyaluronidase azoximer)

      Longidaze® is an advanced combined-effect enzyme for treatment of diseases associated with connective tissue hyperplasia (prostatitis, salpingitis, endometritis, systemic sclerosis etc.)

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      International non-proprietary name: azoximer bromide

      A combined innovative product with immunomodulating, detoxifying, and antioxidative action.

      Used in treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases of bacterial, viral, or fungal origin.

      Dosage forms: lyophilizate, suppositories, and tablets.

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      (Azoximer bromide)

      Polyoxidonium® is a multi-purpose pharmaceutical product with immunomodulating, detoxifying, and antioxidative properties.

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      International non-proprietary name: melatonin

      A state-of-the-art medication for sleep normalization and arranging human biorhythms.

      It is indicated for a variety of sleep disorders including those associated with biorhythm disturbances due to jet lag.

      Dosage form: film-coated tablets, 3 mg.

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      A state-of-the-art medication for sleep normalization and arranging human biorhythms. Velson ® regulates the sleep-wake cycles, provides for quicker falling asleep, jet lag and weather changes adaption in meteopathic individuals. It is good for the emotional personality sphere (mood) and intellectual and mnestic functions of the brain (intelligence, memory).
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      Grippol® Plus

      International non-proprietary name: polymer-subunit inactivated influenza vaccine, 3-valent.

      The first Russian preservative-free influenza vaccine in disposable syringes.

      Indications for use: in all population categories including risk groups, i.e. children aged 6+ months, pregnant women, the elderly, subjects with chronic somatic disorders, allergic diseases, and immune deficiency conditions.

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      (Influenza vaccine [inactivated]+ Azoximer bromide)

      Grippol® Plus is a Russian trivalent inactivated polymer-subunit influenza vaccine, preservative-free.

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      Prevenar® 13

      A pneumococcal polysaccharide adsorbed vaccine, 13-valent .

      Indications for use: prevention of pneumococcal infections caused by Streptococсus pneumoniae, serotypes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6А, 6B, 7 °F , 9V, 14, 18 °C , 19A, 19 °F , and 23 °F , such as sepsis, bacteremia, meningitis, pneumonia, and acute otitis media.

      Recommended for all age categories, starting from 2 months of age.

      Manufactured by Petrovax as a  full-cycle finished dosage form in cooperation with Pfizer.

      (13-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide adsorbed vaccine)

      Prevenar® 13 is a vaccine used for prevention of pneumococcal infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, serotypes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7F, 9V, 14, 18C, 19A, 19F, and 23F, such as sepsis, bacteremia, meningitis, pneumonia, and acute otitis media.

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      International non-proprietary name: Quadrivalent inactivated subunit adjuvanted influenza vaccine

      Grippol® Quadrivalent is the first Russian quadrivalent inactivated subunit adjuvanted influenza vaccine to protect against 4 influenza virus strains, i.e. 2 type A viruses (A/H1N1 + A/H3N2), and 2 lineages of influenza B virus (B/Yamagata + B/Victoria). It is preservative-free and is supplied in prefilled syringes.

      Indications for use: influenza prevention in adults aged 18-60.

      (Influenza vaccine [inactivated]+ Azoximer bromide)

      Grippol Quadrivalent is the first Russian quadrivalent inactivated subunit adjuvanted influenza vaccine to protect against 4 flu virus strains. It is preservative-free, and is supplied in pre-filled syringes.

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      An innovative skin scar revision product to specifically address scarred and adhesion sites.

      Recommended for post-surgery , post-trauma , post-burn , and post-acne use as well as after cosmetic procedures. The use of Imoferaza® cream for 4–8 weeks will help make a scar or adhesion less visible.

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      Imoferaza® is a specialized external scar revision cream for the care of scars and cicatrical tissue; it contains immobilized hyaluronidase, a unique enzyme.

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      Complex remedy for  urinary tract infections.

      Formula: D-mannose 2000 mg, Cran-Max 500 mg (patented cranberry fruit concentrate), Vitamin D3 1 mg (40 IU).

      It is recommended for prevention and in complex therapy of acute and recurrent cystitis.

      Dosage form: powder weighing 2.6 in a sachet, 7 sachets in a package.

      Classification: dietary supplement*

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      Complex remedy for  urinary tract infections.

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